How An Internet Based Spaceship Game Functions

By Gordon R. Caters

In recent years a large numbers of spaceship game options have become available to gamers who want to enjoy a science fiction based game online. Specifically, the category of MMORPG's, or massively multiplayer role playing games, has embraced the sci-fi genre despite the fact that it was once known just for fantasy games. The system architecture that developers have used to create these complex games goes far beyond the more basic programs that are used in traditional RPG's on classic gaming consoles, especially in regards to the Internet. How have game designers created such online worlds for gamers and what new technology do these modern games rely on?

Any spaceship game that is made as an MMORPG is based on a client-server technology that allows individual gamers to log on to the game's main server. This allows the gaming company to keep an instance of the game running constantly so that players from around the world are always able to log on and the gaming environment is in a constant state of change, just like the real world. The client software you must have to access the game from your computer is often sold and then a monthly charge is imposed to pay for the maintenance of the servers; a growing number of free games are also being developed and can be run directly in a Web browser.

The massively multiplayer aspect of your spaceship game will come into focus better if you realize that you and all other players are really logged into the same game together. Instead of making your PC run the entire game on its own, your computer is actually linking up with an entire server of other players who are also sharing the same world. This allows for a fully interactive experience and also makes it possible for you to chat, both with text and voice, while you are playing on the same server.

While lots of paid MMORPG's tend to offer more content and better graphics, there are many browser based games that are gaining considerable popularity. Another nice advantage is that they are less expensive or even totally free in some cases and require much less bandwidth to play.

Playing a spaceship game is certain to grant you many hours of entertainment since there are many interesting aspects to these popular games. The unique design of these kinds of games enables you to play from home but find yourself in a massive world filled with thousands of other gamers just like yourself.

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